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things we take for granted

2020 and 2022

Scrap Wood

In 2020, amidst the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I created Things We Take For Granted. I used scrap wood to form two figures hugging. This piece speaks not only about the pandemic and longing for loved ones, but also supports the BLM movement. After the first sculpture was up on public display for months at the Riverside Laundromat in Danville, PA, it began to detorarte. I decided to revisit the sculpture a while later and rebuilt it in a more 3-dimensional way, so that viewers were more likely to walk all the way around it. 

exhibition history

2020 - Public Display at the Riverside Laundromat in Danville, Pennsylvania (8 months)

2022 - Public Display on The Pennsylvania State University Campus, State College, Pennsylvania (1 week)

2022 - Public Display at the Danville Business Alliance in Danville, Pennsylvania (4 months)


The Press Enterprise

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